Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Simple Shoulder Bag

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Just before working on handle & straps...
Bottom part of bag
Chains added for handle
Before adding shoulder straps

Bags, yes that  tends to be a weakness for a big percentage of women around the world... Yeah even I am one among them.. This is a medium size shoulder bag I have made using worsted weight  100% acrylic yarn.. The hook used for the same is J(6.00mm). The bag measures 11" long and 10.5" wide at top and 15" wide in base. The bag is worked from bottom up as one piece  decrementing stitches as you go up.. I have used seams only for the straps.


Note: I would suggest using 100% Cotton Yarn. Avoid using soft yarn..

Ch 55

Row 1: sc in second ch from hook and each ch across, turn(54sc)
Row 2: ch1, sc in ech sc across turn (54sc)
Row 3- 5: Repeat row2

Note:  All rows from now on should continue around and should not turn…

Round 6: sc in each sc across(54sc), 5 sc along sides, sc along the bottom of chain    (54sc) continue sc along side (5sc) . Total 118sc
Round 7: sc in first sc of row6 and continue doing sc in each sc across.(118sc)
Round 8- 9 : Repeat row 7
Round 10 : Hdc across every sc ( 118hdc)
Round 11: sk first hdc,*(sc, ch2, hdc) in next st, sk next st, Rep from * across ending with sc in last hdc.
Round 12: 2 sc in first st, then keeping ch2 sts from previous row S-edge clusters in front - 2 sc in BACK LOOP ONLY of each sc across ch 1 turn
Round 13: hdc around
Round 14: HDc around with 10 decrement hdc  in equal distance around( 108hdc)
Round 15-16: Hdc around (108 hdc )
Round 17- 19: Repeat Row 11-Row13
Round 20: HDc around with 8 decrement hdc  in equal distance around . (100hdc)
Round 21-22 : Hdc around (100hdc)
Round 23-25 : Repeat Row11-Row13
Round 26: Hdc around with 6 decrement hdc in equal distance around (94hdc)
Round 27-28: HDc around (94hdc)
Round 29- 31: Repeat Row 11-Row13
Round 32-34:  Hdc around (94hdc)
Round 29- 31: Repeat Row 11-Row13
Round 32:    hdc around (94hdc)


For handles Mark the centre stitch on both side of the bag, then place markers 5stitches away from the centre on left & right for both sides of the bag.

Round 33: sc around till marker , ch 10, continue sc around till next marker, ch 10, continue sc
Round 34: Sc to first sc of last row, sc till the chain, 10sc in ch, continue sc till next ch, 10 sc in ch, continue sc till end..
Round : 35-37: sc around..  Fasten off..

Shoulder Strap :

Attach yarn where you want the shoulder strap to be then ss to 5 stitches along then ch 1 turn,

Row1: sc in 5sc , turn
ROw 2: ch 1, sc in next 5 sc turn

Now continue row 2 until you reach the desired shoulder strap length for your bag. NOw ss to the opposite side of the bag in 5 stitches. FInish off. Weave in ends..

Please feel free to leave a comment if you come across any problems in this pattern..

I will be glad to help you out...


  1. Very nice. Thank you for sharing

  2. Smart design for the 2 lugging around options with the handles and strap...amazing.
    Thanks for sharing the pattern.

  3. Happy to know that you liked this pattern. Also thanks for taking your time to comment the same..

  4. I love the pattern but don't understand how to decrement at all would greatlynappreciate any help.

  5. Question how do you decrement? Please explain. Love the pattern but never done decrement.

  6. hi PLP thanks. To decrease hdc you have many methods.
    The one I used for this is:
    yo insert your hook in first stitch pull up loop, yo insert your hook in next stitch pull up the loop, yo and draw through all loops in the hook.

  7. I am stuck on round 12 can you please give me some directions. The instructions are not clear to me. Thanks for your help in advance.

  8. To make it simple it is to work 2 sc in back loop of every sc from previous row.

    Just have a look in to this pic from redheart on how to crochet in backloop

    Thanks. Do let me know if this does not help.

  9. Hi!
    I really want to cancel out the handle part. I only want the shoulder straps. So how do I do that? Which steps do I eliminate? Thank you so much! :D

  10. @KrazyKrochet: Just make the change below.

    ROund 33-37: Sc around .
    Then work with shoulder straps as given in pattern.

  11. My neice asked me if I could make her a purse and I came across this pattern and just love love love it.I can't wait to show it to her.I am hoping this is the one she picks because i so want to make it.thank you so much for sharing the pattern.

  12. I was wondering why after row 3-5 it says not to turn anymore but then after row 12 it says to turn.
    So do we tun or not.

  13. first 4 rows are for the base and rest are worked as spiral round upwards. So you can continue working it in rounds... Hope this helps. let me know if u are still confused.

  14. I don't see what size crochet hook and how much yarn to use.

  15. Love the handles & strap. I made a market bag by a different pattern but didn't like the looks of the handle so I used google and found this great pattern. So easy to add those handles & strap! I can't wait to make another bag using this pattern from start to finish. 5 stars!