Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ruffle Dress in Red

Yet another ruffle dress. This is a simple dress to make. This dress is made from knit fabric with 50% stretch on both sides. My inspiration for this dress is the cupcake dress from J Crew(pic shown at the end)... But I made few modifications for the same. Instead of 2 ruffles at the top I attached a flower . I have added step by step pictures for making this dress. For Ruffles Cut 4 pieces of fabric 3" wide * 2x (x is marked in the picture).  The dress is made for 9-12 months size.. 

I bought this fabric from Hancock. It was just $2 for yard. 

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  1. Ruffle dress is quite difficult to sew. You can always have the choice of buying already made dresses if you wanted to.