Monday, October 31, 2011

Diwali Dress

Diwali is known as festival of lights. Diwali falls on the full moon night between mid october and mid november. This year it was on 26th october 2011.

Diwali signifies the renewal of life, and it is common to wear new clothes on the day. Today I am sharing here the Diwali special dress I made for my little one. It is worked in two different color yarns from top to bottom with ruffles all the way down.  It was not so easy to work with the ivory color yarn which has a light color shining yarn crossed along with it. The maroon(brocade) color yarn was so soft to work with ad it did go so well with the ivory color. Ruffle rows does consumes a bit of time.But the end result is really worth it. It just makes a perfect party wear.

You can find the tutorial for the Mens Kurta seen here @

You can find this dress for sale @ Etsy shop: Ruffle Dress

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