Friday, September 16, 2011


Final look....
6 pieces marked to cut
 This is my trial with sewing skirt for first time..  I am quoting the instructions to do this skirt here. This is stretch fabric I bought from jo-ann store clearance section for just $3 for yard.

Here I give the details based on my measurements. You can modify it for any size.

You can use cotton/knit or any other fabric which you think works best for a skirt.

Finishes waist/hip (the size of the skirt where it stays): 32"

Length: 21"

Materials :
Fabric 45" wide: 1 1/4 yard, Thread , Sewing machine...

Attach 3 pieces together as shown for front and back. Then attach front and back

sewing the back and front pieces together

Waist band sewn with right side together

1) Take your waist/hip(depends on where you want the skirt to stay) measurement. let it be X ( for me it was 32").
Cut 6 pieces of fabric as in picture: for  each piece top part should be X/6 + 1/2"(for seam allowance).
 bottom should be  2*(X/6) + 1/4 + 1/4" (seam allowance on both sides)

2) Cut another piece for band.( If you are using stretch fabric you can make the yoga pant style band for skirt else you can use elastic inside your waist band..)
a) if stretch fabric cut waist band:   4" + 1/2" width by length (just make it few inches shorter than your waist size depending on the stretch of the fabric)

b) if non stretch fabric: cut 4" + 1/2" wide *  X +1/2" length for waist band. Also take elastic few inches less than X based on stretch of elastic.

Now sew the 6 pieces together with right side facing.. SO now you are almost done with just bottom hem and waist band left. Also one you are done with sewing 6 pieces together just check to see if the measurement on top of the skirt that is formed now is X" long.

Next is to sew along the waist band that you have cut to the skirt and hem the bottom at the end..

So that is all with this skirt. Hope it is easy to do...

If you come across any issues in between. Just put a comment and I will be happy to help...
Happy sewing ...


  1. So excited to try this skirt!!! My sewing club will die!!! Thanks!

  2. thanks for tutorial... super easy too.