Monday, October 31, 2011

Kurta for Men

Every time I post here something for baby girl or women. So this time there is a change in my routine. This is something for men.
It was on the day before of the Diwali celebrations it came up to my mind why not make some ethnic wear for my husband. I have never tried sewing men wear or accessories till date. Even after buying the fabric I was not so sure about how it is gonna turn out. I bought 2.25yds of the fabric from Hancock fabrics. You can find the one I used here Satin Fabric

I am quoting here in few pictures and some details about how to make this kurta.
First do take a t-shirt that loosely fit for the one who you are making it for. This is just for shoulder and arm hole measurements. Rest of the measurements you have to take.
1) Measure from shoulder to knee or till where you want the kurta: A
2) Shoulder to Wrist : B
3) Hip : C
4) Shoulder to Hip : D

Front and Back
Now Mark your fabric with the measurements you have taken now as shown in picture for front and back and cut it.
Cut 2 pieces for plackets. You can find tutorial here : Placket tutorial . Or else there are many tutorials in youtube on how to make plackets.

Attach the shoulder for front and back pieces with right sides facing. Now add the plackets for desired length. I have made 8" placket with 3 button. You can create button holes with hand or with machine if you have a machine that supports button hole creation. Also add the buttons. 


Now that you have the front  and back piece with the plackets done it is time to give hands for the kurta
Cut 2 pieces for the hands with length B from centre of the piece, arm hole width can be measured keeping the arm hole of the front  and back piece created just now and the width at the wrist should be few inches less than the top arm hole width. This  you can measure using any full sleeves shirt that fits best and just add or reduce width based of what you prefer.

Now attach along the sides leaving around 12" at the bottom to add side opening. Even this opening size is completely left to your choice.. I have made 12 " side open. 

Now the only piece left out is for the collar. Take the neckline measurement from where you want the collar to start from to where it should end. Now add 1/2" for seam allowance. Width for the collar piece should be 2.5 " for 1" wide collar. Also cut an interfacing material for collar which is 1" wide * length of the collar piece excluding the seam allowance. Now fold the piece width wise with right sides together. Sew along the end with 1/4" seam allowance at bottom and one side . Now turn it right side out. Tuck in the interfacing you have cut out inside the piping you just made and close the opening edge foding it to inside. Now attach this to neck .  Finally hem the ends of hands and the bottom . Also dont forget to sew the open sides before working on bottom hem.

If you do have serger it would be really help in finishing the seams..

SO now you are done with making Kurta.. Do comment if you need any help or any step is misleading you. Happy Sewing ....


  1. I think I will try this, I never did anything for my husband and I cringe when I get invitations to parties saying "Traditional Indian attire"...because my husband doesn't have any.

  2. Yeah and it tough to get kurta of our choice and size here in US. Do share the pictures once you are done..

  3. looks very simply to make i hope so as going to be trying this over the weekend as soon as got all bits that is required fabric etc

  4. i tried this one. can u pls explain a little on how to attach the collar to the neckline? i got a little confused coz i didnt knw how deep it had to b attached. odrwise this is a very gud tutorial. thanx a lot :)

  5. I need step by step picture very clearly plz