Monday, August 29, 2011

Ruffle top

I have been thinking of making something for me from some time. Finally came up with this top.. I got this fabric from Jo-ann.. I got it for a good deal.. I think it was just $4/yd...

I followed the instructions from ..  The tutorial is pretty much  very clear and easy to follow... Overall I am not much impressed with this pattern..

Saturday, August 27, 2011


New fabrics.. Washed and pressed ready to go....
Yet to decide what project next..
Sure to make something for me this time...

Friday, August 26, 2011

Baby Dress

This one is 12months size.
I made it for a friends daughter who just turned 1yr old this month..
Almost done.. 2 more rows at bottom and neck strap to be added,...
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In this I used single, double and triple crochet.. The chest size is 18inches.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Crochet Dress

First Crochet Dress for my little one..
I loved the color combination of this yarn..
It looks really cute...
The whole dress is made of just single crochet and double crochet

using hook size K and G

Monday, August 15, 2011


Another reuse of dress.. The collar is braided.. Check out the tutorial for the same at

This is simple and easy to make dress... But you will love the way it looks on your little one.. 

Thursday, August 11, 2011


The pattern and the output was completely different for this. I was following the pattern from bernat site but the size of the hook that I used was smaller than specified.. But still I am happy that It looks like a purse....

If anyone would like to do this you can find the actual pattern for the same at
They do have a lot many free patterns.. This is the first pattern I tried from their site...

Friday, August 5, 2011

Baby Poncho

Crochet poncho. I was happy with the way it came out...
There are 3 different poncho pattern in the above link. But I liked this  pattern... You can modify the pattern for any size..

Monday, August 1, 2011

Ruffle dress

I love ruffle dress. It is just so adorable to see little ones wearing dress with ruffles. Not just little ones even it really looks great on adults too. SO here is my new try with ruffles. I really did not decide on creating a ruffle dress when I bought this fabric. So finishing this dress was a real tough task for me with just half yard of fabric. The ribbons added did help me a lot to add up a few inches to the dress and give ruffles a better look. 
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First row ruffle with ribbon

Second Ruffle added but with no ribbon attached.. Make one more row with ribbon and 2 rows with no ribbon at top
 Size: 6months

1/2 yard cotton fabric(3/4  yard would be better to get better ruffles).
1 red polka dot satin ribbon roll.
Zipper for back ( optional)

Take measurements from a best fitting dress for the baby. Cut 4 pieces, 2 for upper front and back , 2 for  lower part back/front. The ruffles in this is done for front only.
For ruffles cut 5 pieces of fabric 3" wide and double the length of the front trapezoid cut as shown in pic..
Sew in ribbon to the first and third ruffle bottom. 
Attach the ruffles to the lower front  part  as shown in pic on right.

Attach ribbon for top front as seen in pic. now placing right side together attach the top front and back together. Same was attach the lower part and then sew in the top and bottom. 

Cut 2 pieces of fabric 1" wide and length required for straps . Attach the straps to the dress and you are ready to go. This is for the first time I am writing instructions for a sewing project. So do let me know if you come across any problems.. I will be happy to help...