Friday, December 30, 2011

Woolen Vest with Collar and Ribbing

Looks like snow is keeping away for this winter season. So far the weather was pretty good compared to last year winter.

This time I just thought of making a Vest with Wool. I have used linked dc for most part of the vest with dc ribbing for the ends and collar with sc sts.  This can be made for boys or girls, and is best for the winter season to be used as layering with other Jackets.

Find pattern @

Matching bonnet for the vest
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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Men's Hat in Blue and White

I was keeping busy with so many projects these days that I have couple of items that are completed yet to be added up here. Thought of sharing this hat pattern for Men. This is the first time I am sharing a Knitting pattern here. Hope it helps.. DO let me know if you come across any errors in the pattern. I have written this pattern after making 2 hats of 2 different sizes of the same color pattern.

Materials :
1 Skein Lion Brand Wool ease Blue(Col A)
1 Skein Lion Brand Wool ease White(COl B)
Double pointed knitting Needles or Circular Knitting needle(4.7mm)
Tapestry needle

K- Knit, P - Purl, sts - stitches, p2tog - Purl 2 stitches together

With Col A Cast on 68 sts on dpn or circular knitting needle. Join
Round 1 : k2 , p2 around (2*2 Ribbing)
repeat Round 1 until the work measures 1.5"

Color Pattern Followed :
Set A: Next 4 Rounds: Purl around
Set B: Next 2 Rounds : With Col B Purl around
Continue Set A & Set B Until work from beginning measures 8"

Now the Top of the hat  Decrement go as follows: (Continue doing this with  color pattern as used until now: 4rows purl with Col A & 2 Rows Purl with Col B)

Round 1: *p2tog,  p11, Repeat for 5 times, p3
Round 2: purl around
Round 3: *p2tog, p7, repeat around
Round 4: purl around
Round 5: *p2tog, p6, repeat around
Round 6: Purl Around
Round 7: *p2tog, p5, repeat around
Round 8: Purl around
Round 9: *p2tog, p4, repeat around
Round 10: Purl around
Round 11: *p2tog, p3, repeat around
Round 12: purl around
Round 13: *p2tog, p2, repeat around
Round 14: purl around
Round 15: *p2tog, p1, repeat around
Round 16: purl around
Round 17: *p2tog, repeat around

Cut a long tail. Using tapestry needle or crochet hook pass this through remaining stitches pull tight and weave in ends..

Friday, December 16, 2011

Green and White Striped Sweater

Yes it is time for some baby boy outfit. This sweater in green and white stripes is good combination for the little ones. This jacket is worked from bottom to top with seams just for shoulders. Rest everything is worked as just one piece. This one is made with out sleeves.  Adding sleeves to this is just very easy. But I felt it looked better without sleeves. Will make another one with sleeves next time.
I made this as a gift for friends baby. I also made a knitted beanie in green and white stripes to go with this. But just missed to take the pictures of it. :(

If you would like to make this sweater I have added the pattern to my online store @

Friday, December 2, 2011

Ribbed Dress in Pink and White

 Another Dress in Pink and White. This has ribbed bodice that stretches. Flowers are added around the neckline. The dress is mostly worked with double Crochet. So it is easy to work with it. As most of my other crochet dresses this is also worked as just one piece without seams.

Patttern is for sale in my store :

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Crochet & Knit Top

This top is worked with Crochet & Knitting.
The Knitting bodice gives it a lot of stretch and room to grow. So this can be used for longer period.

This is worked as one piece. It is crocheted from Neck to Arm hole opening, Rest knitted. The bottom edge is ribbed to give a better finishing. The antique finish buttons give it a Vintage look. This is my first design combining crochet & knitting. I loved it. I have also made this Knitted beanie to match with it.

This is for sale in my  store @