Monday, August 1, 2011

Ruffle dress

I love ruffle dress. It is just so adorable to see little ones wearing dress with ruffles. Not just little ones even it really looks great on adults too. SO here is my new try with ruffles. I really did not decide on creating a ruffle dress when I bought this fabric. So finishing this dress was a real tough task for me with just half yard of fabric. The ribbons added did help me a lot to add up a few inches to the dress and give ruffles a better look. 
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First row ruffle with ribbon

Second Ruffle added but with no ribbon attached.. Make one more row with ribbon and 2 rows with no ribbon at top
 Size: 6months

1/2 yard cotton fabric(3/4  yard would be better to get better ruffles).
1 red polka dot satin ribbon roll.
Zipper for back ( optional)

Take measurements from a best fitting dress for the baby. Cut 4 pieces, 2 for upper front and back , 2 for  lower part back/front. The ruffles in this is done for front only.
For ruffles cut 5 pieces of fabric 3" wide and double the length of the front trapezoid cut as shown in pic..
Sew in ribbon to the first and third ruffle bottom. 
Attach the ruffles to the lower front  part  as shown in pic on right.

Attach ribbon for top front as seen in pic. now placing right side together attach the top front and back together. Same was attach the lower part and then sew in the top and bottom. 

Cut 2 pieces of fabric 1" wide and length required for straps . Attach the straps to the dress and you are ready to go. This is for the first time I am writing instructions for a sewing project. So do let me know if you come across any problems.. I will be happy to help...


  1. Love this pattern, thank you.

  2. I am an absolute beginner and would love to make this dress for my 10 month old daughter. However i have no idea how to make the ruffles. Is it possible to receive some step-by-step instructions? It would mean the world to me. mail:

  3. @caroline.. I am bit busy these days.I will surely send you the detailed instructions when I get some time in between.