Friday, October 14, 2011

Crochet booties



Just before adding straps and buttons...

Crocheting is turning out to be a real fun hobby for me these days. trying on new patterns and designing new stuffs it just keeps me going on all day. Unlike knitting crochet can never be done by machine and is always handmade.

     I just finished making cute booties for my baby. This is the first time I am making booties. I really was not sure how it was turning out to be. But it looks cute and I am happy about it.. It is worked all the way from sole to strap as just one piece, no seams required. Yeah that is the best part I love about it.. I hate doing stuffs with so many pieces and finally attaching the seams.. SO In most cases I try my best to finish everything in one piece.  For this I used 100 % acrylic yarn in off white  color for sole and straps, 100% Acrylic yarn in red for the rest of the booties.. The hook used is size G(4.25mm).

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  1. hi i am looking for the pattern for the bootie sole. do you have the pattern for this. i crochet for selling for myself and for charity group. would love to use the pattern for the sole. thanks carmen. south africa