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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Blooming Pettiskirt

I love to see the little girls wearing the petti skirt with lots and lots of flares around. So I always wanted to make one for my little one. It can also be used as an add on with the long gowns to give that perfect look.

I bought 2 yds each of light and dark pink tulle to make this.  The satin material at the waist was the one that I already had in my fabric scraps. Light pink Satin fabric would have looked more good with this combination than the one I used. But as I already had this I just went ahead with this dark color satin.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Special Occasion Dress In Ivory/Brick Red

This is a simple, Classy Outfit for any Special Occasion. It gives a vintage look with the lace yoke part and the high quality Satin Skirt part. The Satin Flower with Tulle Embellishment just gives the final touch for making the dress perfect for all little divas. The design just happened by chance.
The lace yoke is Worked with Natural Bamboo Yarn which gives it an extra softness to touch on baby skin. The dress also has Button Closure in the back which gives it room to grow with your little one. The same Button added in Back of Dress is added to the Flower too. The Fabric and Yarn is bought from

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Orange Blossom Dress

Another addition to the Spring Collection. Orange Blossom Dress. The name says it all. Bright Colorful Dress. The fabric is from Check out the step by step picture instructions on how to make this simple dress.

Material Required

 Cut the back and front from a best fitting dress adding 3-4 inches around the neck for gathering.
 The front and back piece
Make for bias strips:2 for Shoulder ties and 2 for back front neck.

Zig Zag finish the sides to prevent fraying of the edges
 make biasing stitch along front and back neckline and gather it to your actual dress size as shown

 Attach the front and back bias strips as shown

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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pink Ruffle Dress with Lace

 Ruffles Tend to be my weakness these days. I add Ruffles to anything and everything I make  :) But it is so cute. I just love it. This dress/gown is made using Satin, and Lace. The top part of the dress is smoked all around and gives stretch and room to grow, so the dress can be used as the little one gets bigger. My darling daughter was very happy to play around in this pretty dress of hers. She looks happy :)

Reversible A Line Jumper Dress

It is time to bring in some spring clothing for the little ones. Let me start with a Reversible Dress. I have added pics for most of the steps to make this dress. I have used brown polka dots for one side and monkey print in green for the other side. I have also added a Ribbon along the front side of polka dot fabric. 

Always make sure to press open all the seams to get the perfect finishing for any garment that you make

The two fabrics are sewn along the sides.

 One of the fabric is slide into the other so that the right side of both the fabrics are facing each other. Then sew along the Arm hole openings and front and back neck openings of both fabrics together. Now turn the dress inside out. Fold the hem of both dress inside sew along the ends.

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Birthday Dress with Ruffles and Flower

 It was really tough task for me to decide on what Dress I will make for my little one for her Birthday. So far all dresses I made for her was special made with love. So this should be more special and stand out from all other dresses I made so far. From the 3 dresses I made for her this was the one that made to her special day. During night light this was perfect for the party.

The dress is with Ruffles all around in both silk and tulle in each layer of Ruffle. IT has smoking on the back and I made a flower with the same fabric and attached it on to piece of tulle and then hand stitched it to the front of the dress.
The satin Ribbon Sash was the one that gives it the  final touch. Here are some snaps of the dress from all views.

After attaching the First Ruffle Layer.. This layer is with out the tulle The next layer comes with the satin fabric and tulle ruffled and attached together. The tulle is placed below the satin fabric.
This dress can just be worn for wedding, baptism, or any other special occasion. If you would like to have custom made for  you just visit my online store @

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cozy Woolen Jacket

Looks like my little one is warm and cozy in her new suit :)

So are you all interested in sewing a Jacket with lining for this Winter. If so here I give you some tips with some pictures for simple Woolen Jacket. I have not included step by step tutorial for this. But I hope few tips and pictures here would give a good idea of how to make this. If you are novice to sewing It would be a bit difficult for you to grasp this just with the very little information I provide here. The one I made here is for 6months- 12months baby size. But If you follow the instructions and modify it  you can just make it for any size of your choice.

Material Required:
Wool / Wool Blend Fabric : 3/4 " yd(58/60" wide)
polyester Lining :  1yd(45" wide)
Buttons: 3

For Front and Back piece:

Cut Back and Front piece together using measurements from a loose fitting dress. The length should be X(Your desired length for Jacket) + 1/2"(seam allowance). Now cut the front piece along the middle as you see in picture . The lining piece and the actual fabric should be cut in the same way with same measurements for back and front.

Now attach the 2 front pieces to the back piece with right side facing. Now you have 2 different pieces , one for lining and other actual fabric. Next step is to attach the lining  to the actual fabric. With Right side facing  as shown in picture sew along the sides and neck opening. Do not sew the shoulder and arm holes together. Now turn the pieces right side out and sew in the shoulder pieces.

Cut 4 pieces ( 2each from lining and actual fabric) For hand.
Now with right side facing sew along the bottom part of pieces (lining and actual fabric) together. Now turn it out and sew along the sides. Now you get a piece as shown in picture. Do this for both the arm pieces. Now attach the hands to the already sewn piece.

Next step is to hem the bottom. You can use either blind hem using sewing machine or with hands. I did blind hem with hand sewing.

Now you can add the plackets for front opening and collar. This is similar to the kurta tutorial here

As this is my first try on jacket with lining It was a kind of learning phase for me too. So it took me a while to get everything in place. But I am happy that I have got some idea into how I can make it better next time.